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maze game 2 updated progress

2008-01-27 21:04:40 by heroman117

it is at this time that i am updating the percentage of the progress that is now 35% and i didn't update it every two days as i promised but i will be sure not to fall bahind again any ways more info on the game unlike the first game of 9 levels there is planned to be 18 to 20 levels and also i fixed the left clicking cheat that peaple used on the first maze game and the graphics have improved quite a lot in comparrason to the original which is what some some of you asked for also i have been improving in my scripting the slow mtion power ups now really work and so do the pauses so thats my post for now i hope when i release the game you guys will enjoy it better

maze game 2 updated progress


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2008-01-27 21:16:26