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maze game sequal

2008-01-22 18:47:07 by heroman117

because of the some what better response to my maze game than i expected i decided to continue work on the maze game 2 when i released the maze game 1 the sequal was about 12% done it was supposed to be for me and my freinds to get laugh out of but because of the response i decided to turn it into a game that is actually worthy of being on new grounds so right now i will say that it is around 26% done and i have estimated in at least a week or two if all goes well to when i do release it i hope the wait was at least worth for a quick shorty thats my post for now i will update the % every two days and i know that the picture is foamy but that happens when ever i make a GIF for some reasoni really need to get photo shop for my computer and fix that

maze game sequal


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